Eddylab software

Eddylab is a powerful windows software used in conjunction with the TX-Driver. The targeted area of application is the visualisation and documentation of mechanical motion and the on-site linearisation of eddy current sensors.

Eddylab as analysis tool

Eddylab is made up as an universal analysis tool for the USB based data stream from the TX-Driver. The requirements in signal analysis can be of various nature - therefore eddylab is structured in several modules. The different modules can be used to monitor fast and slow motion. The measured data can be displayed in the time- and in the frequency domain. The underlying sampling rates are 22.5 kSa/s in the two channel version and 38 kSa/s in the single channel version.

Analysis Module Oscilloscope

Sampled data is displayed with basic measurements in the style of a classical oscilloscope
  • Single- and dual-channel oscilloscope. Samplingrates: 38 kSa/s (single); 22.5 kSa/s (dual)
  • AC/DC-coupling
  • Variable time base 14ms...5sec
  • Scaleable Y-axis & autoscale function
  • User-defined trigger level, hysteresis and pre-trigger, trigger source, falling and rising edge
  • Essential measurements on dynamic data can be taken: amplitude, frequency, max & min values
  • Data export as image (bmp) and text file

Analysis Module Waterfall

The waterfall is a classical FFT expanded with a time axis.
  • spectrum like the two-dimensional FFT expanded with a time axis
  • scalable frequency axis
  • 3D-view can be rotated
  • movable analysis plane along the time axis
  • detection of frequencies and amplitudes within the anaylsis plane


Mobile linearisation of eddy current sensors and calibration
  • linearisation of current sensors with a linear stage
  • on-site calibration
  • elimination of scaling and linerisation errors